How You and Your Church Can Help Raise Money and Awareness for Imagine No Malaria

Here is a list of activities you can do throughout the Fall/Winter season: 


Halloween Hoopla: host a Halloween themed basketball shoot out where you get 10 shots for $10 and all the money goes to fight malaria.

1. Trunk-or-Treat! 

Does your church or community center host a Trunk-or-Treat? Or do you participate in one every year? Use Trunk-or-Treat as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for Imagine No Malaria! Create an Imagine No Malaria themed car, distribute fact sheets and resources, and encourage people to give their small change or donations (don’t forget to hand out candy, too!).

2. Harvest Festival Cake Walk 

Ask people to “buy in” a spot at the cake walk. Have your best bakers make up some harvest-themed cakes and seasonal pies and have people compete for their favorites! Perhaps your Cake Walk could be a silent auction—with bids for pies and cakes—or a dance off with cakes and pies as prizes. 

3. Kooky-Spooky Bake Sale 

 Make some Halloween or autumn –themed cupcakes with Children’s or Youth Ministries and sell them after worship services, during a Fall Festival or in a busy place in your community. Be sure to tell your customers that their donations are saving lives! 

4. “Shoot” for No Malaria! 

Autumn is a great time for an outdoor basketball tournament. Ask young people, pastors and community leaders to sign up! People can pledge based on number of free throws made (or missed!), a 3 on 3 tournament or a game of HORSE. (Hint: spell MALARIA instead of HORSE to promote the cause!) 

5. Pumpkin Painting Contest 

Pumpkin carving contests are fun for adults, but you can get all ages involved in a Pumpkin Painting Contest. Ask for a donation to enter (or if they are painting their pumpkin at the event, sell the pumpkins to each contestant). Award prizes for the silliest, scariest, most colorful, etc. Gather some involved donors before the event and suggest that they make donations so that the prize can be $25+  to Imagine No Malaria in the winner’s name! 

6. Knitting Workshop 

A great way for different ministries and generations to partner up is to share interests and skills! If you have an enthusiastic group of knitters, crocheters, or quilters, ask them to teach children and youth how to create their own projects! Set  up an area for a workshop during your Fall Festival where children and youth can  come learn. Allow them to  take home knitting needles and yarn (or whatever materials are used) in exchange  for a donation.  

7. Punkin’ Chunkin’ Competition 

Find a pumpkin donor and start signing your strongest members up for the Punkin’  Chunkin’ Competition!  Onlookers pledge for each pumpkin throw– by number  of feet, yards, etc. Find a donor for prizes for the winners: a gift certificate to a  restaurant  or a gift basket are always great prizes! 

8. Apple Sling-Shot 

(Aim for No Malaria!) Ask your most artistic members to make a big bull’s eye on a large  piece of ply wood. Put a giant mosquito in  the middle. Set up your target in a field, or  across a parking lot and ask people for a  donation to shoot three apples at the target.  Award a prize for those  who  hit the target!  (Hint: apples that don’t  hit the tar-get can often be reused. Have some energetic  helpers run out and collect the apples between contestants!)

9. Pie Eating Contest 

 Ask a group to makes pies for the contest! Although cream pies are the easiest to make and eat, challenge your contestants with apple pies—it’s seasonal! Charge a fee to participate and award the winner with a great prize—like another pie!

 A fun spin on a Pie Eating Contest: weigh the pies before eating, and see how much each contestant can eat in 5  minutes. Have people pledge a certain amount for the number of ounces eaten or  the number of ounces left over! 

10. “Change” The World 

 At your festival, invite children, youth and adults to decorate recycled glass jars (marinara or jam jars work well!). Encourage them to fill the  jars with coins to offer as a gift to Imagine No Malaria during Advent!





CHRISTMAS PARADE - hand out water, hotdogs and Imagine No Malaria brochures at the Parade and received $300 in donations to INM.

Christmas – Love Covers Nativity in Bed Net - 

Advent & Christmas –

This Christmas, we invite every church to take a step of faith by giving half of your Christmas Eve offering to Imagine No Malaria. 

Christmas gifts in honor or memory to Imagine No Malaria. 



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