Mystery Worshipers

You may have seen the flyers already, if not you should know that we are recruiting people from the various Methodist Churches in our district to serve as mystery worshipers.

What is a mystery worshiper?

You would visit one or more of our Nashville District churches and provide feedback to the District Office on the experience you had; what was great and what could maybe use some improvement. 

Why Are We Doing This?

This is not about getting anyone in trouble or catching bad behavior. This program is really designed to help churches who are not getting return visitors figure out where there might be a disconnect with the visitors and maybe make some adjustments. No church is ever going to be perfect for everyone but all churches can learn and grow. 

Interested in Participating? 

We will have a training session on Saturday, September 6 from 10am to noon at Glendale United Methodist Church. Brunch will be provided.


Also, participants in the mystery worship program will receive free gift cards for their service. 


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