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Healthy Congregations Introduction, August 7th

Have you ever dealt with any of the following statements/situations?
  • “We’ve never done it that way before!” 
  • “We voted one thing and then people in the parking lot began to undermine the success of the plans.” 
  • "A Church Council decision gets ‘blamed’ on the pastor.” 
  • “We’ve not received a new member in five years.” 
  • “Someone always spoils our efforts to get younger members.” 
  • “The matriarch/patriarch of the church has a stranglehold on progress.” 
  • “A family leaves the church if it does not get its way” 
These and a score of other factors cause church dysfunction. The “Healthy Congregations” ministry deals directly with these and other systemic obstacles to a church being the church Christ wants it to be. Healthy Congregations is a means through which churches can focus on and succeed in their mission while dealing with dissension(s) effectively. There will be a special introduction of the Healthy Congregations ministry on Thursday, August 7, at Christ UMC, Franklin, from 8:30 until noon.

After only two years of using this ministry in several of our churches, we have a proven track record of the Healthy Congregations ministry being effective in helping healthy churches become much healthier and unhealthy churches regaining significant health. 

For a church that is healthy, “Healthy Congregations” is like a vaccination that better inoculates a church from future conflict which could arise.  For a church that is unhealthy, “Healthy Congregations” provides an antibiotic that begins the healing process.  We’ve experienced both among churches who’ve received the training these two years.

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